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Best Fashion trends for the upcoming Fall Season

By: Sohini Majumder | Date : 12 Mar 2021 | Category : Fashion & Lifestyle

Date : 6 months ago

The span of fashion months witnesses a hundred fashion brands displaying their work for the upcoming season, which have definitely witnessed a changing move in the year 2021. The display show has gone virtual with fashion designers arranging zoom video conferences to reflect upon the latest trends for the upcoming fall season 2020. Let us dissect the latest fashion trends for the upcoming fall season.

1615542472fashion trends 2021.jpg

       1. Fringe

One of the most popular fashionable trends, fringe has taken over fashion trends 2021. Today, fringe is no more restricted to just cowboy boots or denims, instead it is everywhere and even in accessories. Being engulfed in everything, right from bags to dresses, the trend definitely has gained a major takeaway.

                                        fringe fashion

       2. Voluminous shoulders

A voluminous shoulder and a puff-sleeved shoulder are definitely going to make all heads turn this 2020. The trend has been on the radar for a long time now, however today it is gaining more attention than ever before. It can be styled in any manner and is definitely going to make the statement.

                                       volimunous shoulder

       3. Heavy metal

Metallic is the new spirit animal that deserves an embrace in fall 2020. The illuminating clothes offering the much needed shine are definitely worth a try. From shimmering blazers, to metallic boots, the rise of the metallic is here to stay.

                                      heavy metal fashion trend 2021

       4. Colour Blocking

While it had made an appearance back during the year 2011, however it is again making its way back to the runway and for the best reason. Although it is quite a spring trend to adore, however it offers the best blend of colours, fabrics and brights to keep the winter blues away.

                                    color blocking

      5. Patchwork print

Antique patchwork creations have been quite the norm of the present times, and a feminine forward patchwork along with embroidered pieces are an inspirational fashion trend for 2020. Slowly making its way in 2020, this latest fashion trend is undoubtedly a trendy sense that one needs to incorporate.

                                  patchwork fashion trends 2021

The trends are sure evolving and with the onset of fall 2020, the realm of fashion is witnessing an innovative showstopper trend. While with a few trends, history is being seen repeating itself, whereas some trends are completely new out of the box! Irrespective of the style, it is your confidence that is going to be the biggest fashionable trend of all seasons.