Top 5 Makeup Trends this 2020

By: Sohini Majumder | Date : 12 Mar 2021 | Category : Beauty & Makeup

Date : 3 months ago

It is 2020, the era of revolutionary ideas and trends that are going to win for the longer run. Although the year has definitely not gone as planned, and everybody has been seen sulking over the turnout, however, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Makeup trends 2020 is experiencing a different ball game altogether with individuals having ample time to experiment.


2020 is serving as the perfect time to try out varied different looks while incorporating a few trends that have got the world raving.  Let us explore the top 5 makeup trends this 2020.  

   1. Glass skin:

 Inspired by Moore, this trend is one of the emerging ones and is definitely here to stay. This can be achieved by generously applying a blend of moisturizers, oils, and highlighters to your face before makeup. A bit of strobe cream prior to the foundation can work wonders and give your face a subtle sheen. The glow achieved resembles the shine of glass.

             glass skin

   2. Colorful lower lash line

It is time to give your lower lash line some fun, instead of the top lash line. This make-up trend offers the liberty to dig into a colorful liner and apply it on the low lash line. The shade applied can be of the same color or a shade lighter than the upper lash. It is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to your look.

             colorful lowe lash line

   3. Animal print eye shadow

It is about time to channelize the inner animal in you and rock the animal print shadow trend. Irrespective of whether you are an animal print fan or not, the creativity sported by this 2020 makeup trend cannot be denied. Although this make-up art is quite intense, however, a bit of practice and dedication might just help you achieve one, sooner than you think!

             animal print eye shadow

   4. Bright colorful mascara

While black mascara has been ruling the makeup business for ages, however, it is about time to give it a break. Although quite uncanny, however, 2020 deserves a splash of color in your life. It is time to layer your lashes with vibrant colored mascara and get your eyes to do all the talking.

            bright colorful mascara           

   5. Neon look

Instead of going all ‘matchy’ with your make-up, try out a neon look, one among the much-hyped summer 2020 makeup trends, and watch the colors play on your face. The best way to make most of the look is to tap a neon shade in the inner corners of your eye to throw the right amount of neon to your face.

           neon look

2020 is definitely getting a fresh minimalist makeover with experimenting in more ways than one. Give your make-up look a taste of the new trends and make most of it, whether indoors or outdoors.



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